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Yamaha C2X-PE Grand Piano


"The C2X has a rich and clear sound and produces a beautiful, deep tone.
Similar to its smaller variant, the C1X baby grand, this instrument has also been built according to the Yamaha philosophy: striving towards building the perfect piano.

Rp348.500.000 Rp410.000.000

One of the most important factors for realising a rich tone is the support within the instrument. When we play fortissimo or pianissimo, the force we transfer will make the instrument bend slightly. This causes a certain loss of energy and sound. The lower frame is the part of the piano destined to absorb this. Here we can make a link to the human skeleton. For example, the C3X has a lower frame that is 20% thicker than with other pianos. As such it gives visibly more support and also reflects one of the considerations made during the renewal of this well-known series.
A violin is built around a beautifully streamlined body with 3-dimensional curvatures and uses a delicate shape. This can be compared to the 3-dimensional concave design of a soundboard in a piano. We refer to this as ‘the crown’. By building pianos for years and by acquiring expertise Yamaha has gathered the necessary experience and know-how to ensure that the soundboard always produces a superior sound projection.
Expertise when making the cast-iron frame manifests itself in robust quality
The cast-iron frame of a grand piano should be able to absorb several tons of tension.
The frame actually works with the wooden construction in order to support the snare tension, but it also has a profound impact on the sound. Yamaha makes these frames themselves using a process known as the ‘vacuum process’. This method is used for building the best frames in the world.
The comforting feeling whilst playing on a Yamaha grand piano
The CX-series is equipped with a keyboard cover that is controlled through a soft landing system.
So you don’t have to worry anymore about the keyboard cover unexpectedly or accidentally falling down. The beautiful Yamaha CX-series grand pianos have obtained excellent references from many connoisseurs. The new line consisting of seven instruments might please almost everyone.• CX Series pianos feature a thickened back frame for improved support, providing a rich, resonant tone.

• The new soundboard resonates with the emotions of the performer.
• Revolutionary new music wire offers beautiful sustain and harmony.
• Expertise in frame making shines through in robust quality.
• Hammers based on those of the CFX Series.
• Voicing and regulation breathes life into the piano.
• A design that unifies piano with pianist, inheriting the legacy of the CF series.
• The peace of mind that comes with a Yamaha grand piano
• Type:Grand piano
• Height:101 cm
• Width:149 cm
• Length:173 cm
• Weight:305 kg
• Finishing:polished ebony

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