Yamaha YFL-372 Flute


Manufacturing processes have been redesigned from the ground up to achieve substantially improved precision that not only leads to greater mechanical accuracy but also minimises the need for readjustment over time. The body of this student flute has been designed to be robust. With a solid silver precious metal headjoint and body crafted out of nickel silver, the flute is able to produce a clear, rich tone effortlessly. With a double flare taper and unique embouchure hole undercut design for excellent response and a warm rich tone, the CY silver headjoint is appreciated by more advanced students thanks to its even, quick response in all registers.

Rp14.440.000 Rp17.400.000

Traditional Key Design
A, F and other non-fingered keys feature pointed key arms. This beautiful key design is inspired by traditional European style. Yamaha’s unique screw resistance inserts allow smooth adjustments while preventing gradual loosening of the screws. For easier access, the screw positioning has been changed. Footjoint alignment marks facilitate proper fitting by young players.

The 300 Series
The 300 Series offers an upgrade to your playing, whilst still remaining easy to use. The sterling silver and nickel silver body combination offer musicians a more comfortable feel over longer performances. All models, apart from the 382, feature an offset G key, which is ideal for musicians taking lessons and wanting to work on their hand positioning. The 300 series is suitable for musicians who want to further their development at the flute.

About Yamaha Student International
All Yamaha instruments are designed to give you the best possible start to your musical journey. Yamaha appreciates that learning a musical instrument can be a life-changing experience, and this is why their instruments are easy to play and offer exceptional value.

Yamaha’s commitment to consistent high-quality has enabled them to be one of the world leaders in musical education. By having specialised developers for every instrument allows Yamaha to be constantly innovating their instruments so they remain as one of the market leaders.

Yamaha’s student range of instruments are known as a superb introduction for those serious about starting their musical journey. As you progress over time, you may be interested in Yamaha’s professional range of instruments. These instruments go through over 10 years of research and development to ensure the highest possible quality, which is why Yamaha is able to produce some of the best musical instruments in the world.

• Key: C
• Body Material: Nickel Silver
• Head Joint: CY Straight
• Head Material: Solid Silver
• Foot Joint: C
• Lip Plate: Silver
• Tone Holes: Drawn and Curled
• Key System: Offset G
• Key Types: Open Ring Keys
• Key Mechanism: E
• Finish: Polished

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